“Randomized, Double Blind, Comparative, Parallel group study of Vitamin D3 ( Cholecalciferol ) Vitamin K2-7 & magnesium in prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection in health care”

Owing to the unprecedented times and the current Insights in conducting Clinical Trials, ESIC Hospitals (Hyderabad) decided to take the Digital Route to enable an effective channel of Remote communication with Patients, streamlining the execution of their trials.

ESIC Hospitals chose the clinic Platform to run this Trial - Digitally and Remotely.

We are happy to announce that today, ESIC Hospitals has successfully enrolled the First Trial Patient for the study and conducted the entire Trial Lifecycle, Digitally using the ClinIV Platform.

We at ClinIV Health Tech are gratified with this initiative and are happy that even during the pandemic, Organizations can navigate the complexities of executing Trials through our Platform.

All your cross-application data operated with a clear view in one place. Along with the Integration of your existing data systems, elimination together with a reconciliation of manual data entry.

The Complexity of clinical data could be managed automatically of clinical data for you by standardizing and improving the data quality using powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning Algorithms.

Our product is just a First step towards the new era of Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials.

“ClinIV” Unified Digital Trial Platform (Connecting all stakeholders – Interoperability, Smooth Execution, Automation)