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Our Key Features

e-Recruitment Screen & Enrol Patients remotely e-Pro Connect & Follow Up with Patients for Outcomes e-COA Monitor Clinical Outcomes from Point of Care Devices / Wearables AE's & SAE's Alerts & Notifications of AE's & SAE's e-Source Direct Data Capture of CRF, Lab and Medical History on Real time basis e-Consent Digital Consent of the Patient with Regulatory Compliance Tele Visits Engage & Communicate with Patients Seamlessly

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Why Choose Us ?

The Cliniv is the only company offering various features and providing end-to-end solutions for conducting virtual clinical trials on a single platform. Our solutions include e-recruitment, e-consent, and management, tele-visits, remote monitoring, e-COA, e-PRO, direct data capture as well as AEs/SAEs. Customization of the product in a split second according to your needs is our priority.