About Cliniv Health Tech

Cliniv Health Tech, founded with a vision of bringing the entire clinical trial execution process on a digital platform.

The company’s flagship product Cliniv enables Integration of all healthcare systems, providers & users on one platform.

The founding team comes with 25 + Years of experience in Technology and Clinical Domains.

Cliniv is focused on building a healthy cooperation between the Healthcare Professionals and their Patients in improving healthcare outcomes in an efficient, Customizable, Cloud based and cost-effective solutions

About Cliniv

Integrated Digital CTMS & EDC Platform with e-Consent, e-Recruitment, e-Source, e-TMF, e-COA, e-PRO.

Access to Realtime Data, Trial progress & AE’s/SAE’s for Clinicians / Sponsors.

Integration with Point Of Care Devices for direct data capture & increased quality data.

Automation of Clinical Trial process and framework for remote conduct & execution.

Track drug shipment activities and randomize patients.

Unified Trial Platform

With a vision of bringing Transparency, Data Integrity and Real-time Analysis to all Clinical Trials, Cliniv aims to transform and modernize the current methods of Clinical Trial Execution by bringing in Digitization & Mobility to
  • Bring in Rapid Operational Efficiencies
  • Ensure Quicker Time-to-Completion of Trials
  • Focus on Strict Process Compliance
  • Maintain High Ethical standards
  • Provide High Data Security and Integrity
To ensure quicker time to market for the Companies.
Easy Participant recruitment and Trial Findings
Digitized Case Report Forms (eCRFs)
Participant Consent Forms (e-Consent)
Comprehensive Protocol Creation tool
Remote Participant Monitoring, Follow-ups and Engagement
Detailed Electronic Health Records (EHR)
eReviews across the Hierarchy
Device Agnostic (Works on any device – Mobile/Web)
Real-time Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

The Cliniv Clinical Cloud, your platform of choice for clinical research.

The Cliniv Clinical Cloud™ is our cutting-edge platform that transforms the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, CROs, and research sites. Designed as a unified data platform, the Cliniv Clinical Cloud creates a single source of truth for all study-related data. Simply put, enter data once and let the platform master and populate it throughout the end-to-end suite of Cliniv applications.
Optimize operational execution, decrease the data entry and maintenance burden, and reduce the number of clinical systems across your study teams. Throw away your list of passwords and excel sheets, you are now on a truly unified platform.
Cliniv Clinical Cloud accelerates the business of clinical research with an end-to-end suite of Cliniv applications for Data Capture, Data Management, Trial Planning, Trial Management, and Analytics powered by a rich set of Platform Tools.
The Cliniv Clinical Cloud unifies Cliniv’s end-to-end solutions that support the entire clinical trial process. Whether you’re working in Study Conduct, Study Management or both, our platform is the most powerful and comprehensive one in the industry.