User Management
  • Create Sites remotely and e-sign Investigator's agreement
  • Role based creation of Users for Sponsors & Site staff
Study Management
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems & Applications to build Front End Modules (Handheld, Mob and Tabs)
  • Management of multiple studies on single Dashboard
  • Real Time Information of Study Progress, Data Outliers, AE’s & SAE’s
  • Real time drug performance through e-PRO / e-COA
  • Automated Data Management Process to capture quality data and reduce query management time
Clinical Operations
  • e-TMF
  • Remote Monitoring / Remote Source Data Verification
  • Query Resolution
Report Analytics
  • Monitor Study Wise Users
  • Visit Wise Reports
  • Location Wise Users

Site / Investigator

Study Management
  • Access Studies
  • Study Agreements
  • Scan/Upload Source Documents
  • Query Resolution
Patient Management
  • Enrolling Participants
  • Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria with e-Consent
  • Patient Randomization
  • Access Electronic Based CRF
  • Subject Medication Monitoring through e- PRO
  • Monitoring & Interacting with Subjects through Tele-Medicine
  • Access Electronic Based CRF and respond to queries
  • Monitor AE’s & SAE’s real time
  • Participant Dairy Access
  • Integrated with Apple Watch for Realtime Health

Subject / Participant

Study Management
  • Access Studies
  • Consent with Investigator Confirmation
  • Direct Data Capture with Point of Care Devices
Participant Management
  • Access Electronic Based CRF & e-PRO
  • Participant Dairy Access
  • Add Adverse Events/ Serious Adverse Events
  • Investigator communication Access on every Stage using Tele-Medicine
  • Alerts & Notifications for Medications
  • Real Time Drug Stock Information & Management
  • Integrate with Point of Care Devices for Drug performance & Health progress (Smart Watch, Glucometer, etc..)