Sponsors, CRAs, Trial Participants & Investigators all connected on ONE PLATFORM

Cliniv is a comprehensive modular Digital Trial platform that unifies all stakeholders (Sponsors, CRAs, Investigators & Trial Participants) and ensures a thorough interoperability between them to effectively automated and execute any phase of a Clinical Trial smoothly.

[Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11]

Cliniv goes beyond the conventions of just being an EDC and/or a CTMS tool by offering a plethora of services across Users, Systems and Geographies.

Cliniv effectively addresses the complexities involved in the execution of Clinical Trials which are traditionally burdened with, among other things, cumbersome paper-based processes, tedious Trial Participant recruitments and constant mid-trial Trial Participant drop-outs. ClinIV also facilitates remote Trial execution which significantly limits the need of Trial Participants’ physical presence at the Trial sites.